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A Little Something: The Language of Friendship

Tucked between medical bills and junk mail a cheerful yellow envelope begged to be opened. How did the sender know I would need this today?

Recent health issues have positioned me to be on the receiving end of compassion and comfort.  I am thankful for each note, call, care package, and especially the delicious food.

In his book, The 5 Love Languages, marriage counselor Gary Chapman, explains there are five basic love languages or ways to express love emotionally:

  1. Words of Affirmation

  2. Acts of Service

  3. Quality Time

  4. Receiving Gifts

  5. Physical Touch

Each person tends to gravitate more towards one of these love languages. However, Chapman states it is possible to be “bi-lingual” and possess more than one love language.

I am bilingual. My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.

When a friend delivered “little something” in the form of a card and the book The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan (Words of Affirmation) and baked a chocolate cake (Acts of Service) I felt abundantly loved!

The best gifts I’ve ever received were the ones tagged with the words, “It’s just a little something.”

Do you know someone going through a tough time? Do a little something for them today. You may not know their love language, but here are a few ideas to jump start your week:

  1. Send a card and write a little something inside

  2. Deliver flowers

  3. Mow a friend’s lawn

  4. Cook a little extra and send over a meal in freezable containers. If their fridge is full they can freeze the items for another day.

  5. Call and give a listening ear

  6. Invite a friend over for coffee

  7. Invite someone over to watch the game

  8. Before grocery shopping, ask if you can pick up something for them

  9. Give a book that meant something to you in a similar circumstance

  10. Be like Olaf and give warm hugs.

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