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Desert Road

Destination Hope

A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart


The hit that knocks you down is the one you didn’t see coming. Destination Hope serves as a guide for women knocked off course by a life-altering event.

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Blindsided by the unexpected? Envision your future with renewed  hope.


great read for the road trip of life. Marilyn and April are your wise—and wounded—travel guides for the unexpected detours in life including widowhood, chronic illness, challenged children, a stolen identity, empty nest, prodigal children, and more. They offer hope and healing from scripture and the victorious testimonies from numerous women along the winding way.

-James N. Watkins, award-winning author and speaker


But what if the pain persists? What if the money is not provided? What if the loss is irrevocable? For many, the journey of life includes devastating detours and rigid roadblocks. The question becomes, how does a believer keep going in her new normal? Authors Marilyn Nutter and April White are no strangers to rocky paths, but they remind us to keep putting one foot in front of the other in their new book Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart. What a valuable guide for all those uncertain times of recalculating. The poet Christina Rossetti once said, “Does the road wind uphill all the way? Yes, to the very end.” Through such sobering reality, Nutter and White sit with us in our pain and offer biblical teaching and many stories of people just like you and me who have embraced the hope of God’s presence, power, and provision. I heartily recommend this practical and inspiring book for anyone who feels your life is falling apart; which is, of course, many of us on this perilous and glorious journey. 

-Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author Soul Strong and Life-Giving Choices


Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart is a “must-read” invaluable guide, offering hope and sound wisdom for our unpredictable, individual life journeys. Written by two of the wisest tried, tested, and true women of God—April White and Marilyn Nutter. you will see how each author poured out beautiful transparency. Like two best friends who’ve trailed the hard ground before us, April and Marilyn, seem to gently take us by the hand leading us towards God’s heart for healing.

-LaTan Roland Murphy, award-winning author of Courageous Women of the Bible


Everyone makes plans for the future, but what do you do when everything explodes? You reach for Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart. Written by Marilyn Nutter, who suddenly lost her husband, and April White, who recently had a rare genetic illness invade her life, readers cross seven-mile posts, intertwining their stories and others who survived with God’s help, getting to the other side of a broken heart.

-Sharon Baldacci, author of A Sundog Moment


Destination: Hope- A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart is a gentle, thoughtful guide through the rocky terrain of life. No matter what hardships we face discover transformational, personal stories that will resonate deeply, inspiring you to hold hope because spring is coming and new life will again take root in your heart.

-Pamela Piquette, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Chronic Joy®


Has your life taken a turn you were not expecting? Then this book, Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart is just what you need! Marilyn Nutter and April White take you on a journey to find hope when your life is rocked by an unexpected event: loss of a spouse, illness, wayward children, loss of a child, and other disappointments. I love how these two authors share from their own life experiences, how they found hope in the midst of difficult, life-changing circumstances. This book gave me a fresh perspective on finding hope in the disappointments in my own life. A must-read! 

-Crickett Keeth, author of On Bended Knee: Praying like Prophets, Warriors, and Kings

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