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Living Surrendered

IMPRINT is a one-day event for women, ages 14 and up, to grow our roots deep in God and His Truth. Join me and the women of Arundel Christian Church for a day of praise, prayer, and worship. Together we will learn to combine the biblical principles of surrender along with day-in-day practical application. 

I hope to see you there!

Hemlines & Hope

Journey through the Old & New Testament as we discover the cultural significance of hemlines and hope.

Friendships in Changing Seasons

Some friends step up while others shrink away. Not everyone is meant to travel with you in the next season of life. 

Positioned for Purpose

Purpose is found in the messy moments of life serving and encouraging others with authenticity. 

Do You Have a Trophy Case of God's Grace?

A trophy case of God's grace will provide spiritual fortitude when blindsided by unexpected events.  

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We connect with others over our similarities, but it is our differences that are key to a vibrant life. 

Stop the Stampede of Negative Thoughts

When doubts and anxious thoughts stampede our minds, we can lasso negative thoughts to the truth of God's Word. 

Podcast Interviews


Look Out for Joy

Where Hope Meets Joy with host Adria Wilkins

Flawed & Favored

Episode 22 Destination Hope with host Angie Titus

Family Life News

Managing Holiday Grief with host Martha Manikas-Foster

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Television Interviews

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