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66 Ways God Loves You: Book Review and Giveaway

In her newest book, 66 Ways God Loves You, author Jennifer Rothschild invites the reader to “Experience God’s love for you in every book of the Bible.” 66 Ways God Loves You is a beautifully illustrated full color abridged collection of the 66 individual love letters known as the Bible.

Author, Jennifer Rothschild introduces the reader to her childhood and shares a glimpse of her own personal struggle. When she was eight years old, Rothschild recalls her grandmother giving her a red leather Bible. Seven years later, a rare retinal disease caused permanent blindness, changing the author’s life forever. While the retinal disease darkened her vision, it did not darken her view of our loving God.  “Something deep within me knew that just like the glue on the binding held its pages together, the truth in its pages would somehow hold me together too” (page 8).

This book is stunning in beauty.  As you hold this book, light dances and the online images do not capture the beauty of the red foiled flowers. The beauty of this book and knowing the author cannot see it, is heartbreaking. Every page of this book is color illustrated. Rothschild presents each of the 66 Ways God Loves You in a 250-300 word synopsis. The author continues presenting the overarching theme for each way God loves you, by making it personal, and offering a meaningful takeaway to draw in your own heart.


Sample chapter summaries:

  1. In Genesis, He fashions you with His hands.

  2. In Exodus, He delivers you from slavery.

  3. In Leviticus, He gives you access to Himself.

  4. In Numbers, He shelters you in cities of refuge.

  5. In Deuteronomy, He guides you with His

The chapters that resonated with me the most were the Old Testament prophets that I am less familiar. For example in letter description she writes, “In Ezekiel God Brings Life to My Dry Bones.” Rothschild digs deeper by stating, “Sometimes we look at the landscape of our lives and see only a valley of dry bones. We look at dead dreams, lifeless hopes, and ruined relationships, and with Ezekiel, we wonder, Can these bones live? Can all this really come back to life? Can hope be resurrected?” Rothschild ends the chapter on Ezekiel offering the reader to ask God “to breathe new life into you” (page 86-87).

It is a great gift book for someone new to the faith or even a seasoned saint. Wherever you are in your journey, God’s desire is for you to know you are loved deeply.

Giveaway Details Below!

Drawing for a Free Copy of 66 Ways God Loves You by Jennifer Rothschild

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~April Dawn White

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