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Both Hands:Widows and Orphans

How can you help a widows and orphans at the same time? Through a Both Hands Project!

Both Hands is a non profit organization based on James 1:27 were we are called to

“look after widows and orphans.”

Our family is apart of an area project called Both Hands. One hand will be performing a total home makeover project for a local widow and the other hand will help orphans by adoption into a forever home through sponsorship.

This project is of special interest to me for personal reasons. Growing up, my home was a revolving door for orphans and widows. From the time I was three-years-old my parents served as Foster Parents to dozens of children. On two different occasions we also had elderly widow women living with us. It was never a quiet moment at our house!

When I was seven years old, my parents brought home the cutest 18 month old girl, named April Elizabeth. Her mother had died and this little girl’s elderly grandmother could no longer care for her. She was an orphan placed in our home for Foster Care. April Elizabeth lived with us for many years and we had to differentiate ourselves as “Big April” and “Little April.”

My parents were able to adopt April Elizabeth and now instead of calling her

“Little April” I call her “Little Sis!”

I know there are a plethora of organization requesting your money. My prayer is that you will consider giving to Both Hands! The money raised goes directly to an adoption-only account (Justin and Kathy don’t get any of the money personally). Any additional money raised beyond what is needed for adoption expenses goes to another family for their adoption.

On September 7. 2013 we will transform a local widow’s home. With your support we can transform the life of an orphan. Please consider opening your heart with Both Hands!


May you and I be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith!- Romans 1:12

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