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Faithful and Able

This ima

ge makes me happy!

What makes me even happier is the story behind this image.

This week I texted a friend a link to the song, Good, Good Father by HouseFiresII (the Bethel music version featuring Amy Renee). I shared this video clip on yesterday’s post titled; What Song is God Singing over You.

I know there are many different artists currently singing this song, but the Amy Renee version is my all-time FAV-OR-ITE! Around the four minute mark, she begins to sing from the heart. Since it is not part of the original song lyrics I can share her words:

He is faithful, faithful, faithful. He is able, able, able. 

Faithful and able are the key ingredients to the balm healing my heart.  Knowing this, my friend (singer, writer, and artist) Sonia Hancock designed this image especially for Red Chair Moments!

Now you know the story behind today’s Friday Freebie. This image is a free public domain image created for me to share with you.  Download it and make Valentine Day cards, book marks etc.

Happy Friday!


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