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Go Get It!

There are times when a situation plays out in my family, with such rich implications that I feel God tugging me to share. To get the full effect of this post, I suggest you listen to the Grammy award winning song “Go Get it” by Mary Mary, while reading this story! Listen here:

Our son mentioned he would like to go an indoor water park or snow skiing for his 10thbirthday. We surprised Andrew with a weekend get-a-way to a local resort all those activities on site. Thursday, after school, we pretended to go for a drive before dinner. The kids were too engrossed with their electronic toys to realize we had traveled nearly 150 miles. After stopping for dinner, we pretended to be lost. We tricked the kids into thinking the GPS wasn’t working and that it was too dark to find our way back home. We had no other choice, but to stay at a hotel for the night. This was all part of our master plan to surprise the birthday boy.

Signs for an indoor water park, skiing, snow tubing, and ice skating dotted the road to this mountain resort. Our seven-year-old daughter was giddy with all the activities at our fingertips. In her mind we had hit paradise! However, our son was afraid of the unknown. He wanted to go back home, he pleaded for us to turn around and go back. He didn’t want anything to do with this place. He complained that he would miss school and miss Friday’s spelling test. He fretted about our dogs, and was worried about not having his toothbrush or any extra clothes.

Andrew doesn’t like surprises! He begged to go home. Finally, Chris explained we were not lost. Andrew’s birthday surprise is to spend the night here, skip school and venture to the indoor water park the next day. Andrew wasn’t convinced this was planned, until he saw me drag in the suitcases, and a cake carrier containing a snowman themed cake.

Earlier in the week, I had read how Moses and the Israelites had escaped slavery and had been wandering in the desert for nearly 40 years (Numbers 13:1-33). Standing on the outside of the Promise Land, Moses sent out 12 explorers to check out their new home. Of the twelve spies, ten returned with a melancholy outlook and suggested they go back. Ten men were scared of the unknown. Going back meant returning to a life of slavery for the Pharaoh of Egypt. Only, Caleb and Joshua saw the Promised Land for what it was, a rich blessing.

Over breakfast, I described this scene to our family. Andrew’s reaction was similar to the ten explorers, to turn back and go back home. However, Rachel’s reaction was that of Caleb and Joshua—to go and get it! In Kelly Minter’s study “No Other Gods” page 107 she says “…he wanted the known over the unknown—even if the unknown was better.”

I wonder how many of us, are standing moments away from the greatest blessing God has provided, but we are too scared of the unknown to move forward?

Friends, Go Get It…Go Get Your Blessing!


“May you and I be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” Romans 1:12

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