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It May Not Be Good Yet. Don't Forget the Yet.

During a recent Zoom call with six fellow writers, we discussed the process of a messy first draft. You don't have to be a writer to understand the beginning of any new project is always messy. Spend the afternoon cleaning out the guest bedroom closet or a junk drawer, and you'll see what I mean.😉

As the six of us playfully pontificated puns about our prose, Melissa Smith (@Framedinjoy) pitched a zinger statement. "It may not be good yet. Don't forget the yet." 

🎤Mic. Drop. 

What area in your life is not good yet?

Unsure how to answer? I'll go first. I'm still waiting for these areas of life to be good:

  • Restoration of relationships.

  • Parenting in a counter-culture world.

  • Waiting for an answer to prayer.

  • Struggling with purpose and identity in a season of transition.

  • Navigating the Empty Nest life.

  • Thinking this season of life would be easier.

  • Wading through a hard space while hope.

  • Clinging to faith while doubt yanks the line like a game of tug-of-war.

It May Not Be Good Yet. Don't Forget the Yet.

I've often heard it said, "If it's not good, then God's not done yet."

As my friend Melissa reminded us, "Don't Forget the YET!"

Christian singer and songwriter Tauren Wells shared similar feelings with “‘Joy in the Morning’ is just a reminder that our problems have an expiration date, then even in our darkest time of your life, the sun will rise again. Now is not forever.

6 Scriptures to cling to while we wait for YET.

Yet is a three-letter promise from the God Most High. Our circumstances may not be good yet. But don't forget the yet. In every trial and difficult season, God says to us, YET I am always with you.

© 2023 April Dawn White

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