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One Word Focus

Choose one word for the year.

Years ago, a friend introduced the notion of focusing on one word for the year. Despite being several years younger, my friend possessed a mature faith that I wanted to emulate. She didn’t merely know about God, she understood God, the way He moves and the nuances of His character. Like my friend, I wanted to know God intimately, not know about God from a distance.

An Eight-Year Discovery

Looking back, I smile at each focused word. Some years I understood the reason why the focued word captured my attention. However, other years the reason behind the chosen word remained a mystery for me to solve.

  1. 2012: Unshaken (Psalm 16:8)

  2. 2013: Provision (Genesis 22:8)

  3. 2014: Abundance (Psalm 65:11)

  4. 2015: Hope (Hebrews 6:19)

  5. 2016: Trust (Romans 15:13)

  6. 2017: Refuge (Psalm 73:28)

  7. 2018: Rest (Psalm 46:10)

  8. 2019: Dwell (Psalm 91:1)


This year I will dwell on the word ‘dwell.’ While the layers of this word have yet to unfold, I have an inkling that God intends to teach me to:

  1. Dwell in His unfailing love (Exodus 15:13)

  2. Dwell in His joy (1 Chronicles 16:27)

  3. Dwell is His rest (Psalm 91:1)

  4. Dwell in His protection (Psalm 91:9-10)

  5. Dwell in His peace (Psalm 4:8)

  6. Dwell in His goodness and love (Psalm 23:6)

What is your one focus word for the year?

Perhaps, you’re not sure how to select a word. Next week, I will share ideas on how to choose one word for the year.

~April Dawn White

© 2019 Red Chair Moments | Images courtesy of Pixabay

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