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Operation: Rescue Kitten Update

I have had so many requests for a kitten update. If you read my last post “Operation Rescue Kitten” then you might be wondering what happened to the kitten? After many hours of dismantling the car, the kitten was found hidden behind the dashboard.

The solid black kitten was appropriately named “Dash” since he dashed across the road and hid in the dash of the car. He is approximately 7 or 8 weeks old and settling in rather well in his new home at my parents house. Once Dash nuzzled his way into my dad’s arms, he nuzzled his way into my dad’s heart. Dad claims it will be the grand kids kitten, but we all know it’s HIS kitten.

It’s amazing how relaxed parents become when they turn into grandparents. As a child we were never allowed to have an indoor pet. And now my parents have an indoor kitten…Go figure!

One thing is for certain…God takes good care of his property!


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