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One day I’ll have my act together, but today is not that day.

God’s been messing with me this week and I am so thankful! Everywhere I turn there are glimpses of him moving in my life. He has been revealing himself to me in BIG and small ways. He has been exposing some areas of me that I’d like to remain hidden so I don’t have to deal with them.

I struggle with being a mom. There I said it! I constantly battle feelings of being a “loser” mom. These feelings cycle around a few times a year. Each time I think I have it under control only to find myself in a mess of tears. I am continually worried that my type-A motivated and driven personality it going to ruin my kids. Do I expect too much? Are my expectations to high? Do I raise my voice too much and play too little?

This week, I’ve continued with my study of Ruth and new husband Boaz. Who was this Boaz guy? How did he become so godly, kind, noble, caring, and accepting of others. Who was his mother? To my surprise Boaz’s mother, Rahab was a prostitute saved by grace. As I read her story (Joshua 2:1-24) my guilt of being a mom who nags and yells lifted.

Grace filled the space where guilt had resided.

If God can use a woman who was a former prostitute, then there’s hope for me yet!

Rahab’s life was so remarkable that that author of Hebrews cited her as one of the great people of faith in “Hall of Faith Chapter” in Hebrews 11. Notice that everyone is listed by name except Rahab. For example “By faith Moses… By faith Issac..By faith the prostitute Rahab…” Did you catch that. Rahab was listed by name and by what she was saved from.

Check out Rahab’s genealogy: Rahab-Boaz–King David————————–Jesus!

I wonder if Rahab was still alive when David was anointed as King? Did she understand the eternal significance of her faith? After all she was in the direct family line of King David and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Check out my genealogy: April-Andrew & Rachel–?——————————?

I may never see the outcome of my faith, but I am so thankful that God knows all the ? in my life.

Learning about Rahab proves, once again there’s hope for me yet!


“May you can I be mutually encouraged by each others faith.”- Romans 1:12

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