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2016 Lesson #2: Trusting God’s Timing


TRUST with bench 2016

In the movie, the bratty character, Veruca Salt, is famous for stomping, “But I want an Oompa Loompa now!” 

I soon realized, I’m guilty of mimicking Veruca Salt, stomping refusing to wait for another appointment and further testing.  I want to know what’s wrong with me now! 

I told a friend, “I trust God. I trust that He has a plan for me; a good plan for hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).However, I have a limited amount of paid time off. I need God to provide answers so I can put a name with what’s wrong with me, start medication, and move on. I need God to do this within twelve weeks.”

<Insert sharp intake of breath>

As soon

Trusting in God's Timing Chalkboard

I clicked off the phone, dropped my head, and prayed. “Lord, forgive me for being a backseat driver. You know my needs; Lord I trust you and your perfect Sovereign timing.”

On New Year’s Day, I scribbled the word TRUST down on one side of a note card. Beside each letter, I wrote as many words as I could think of that began with that letter.

I have been given my second lesson on trust. If you recall my first lesson was to trust God. This second lesson was to trust His timing. For 2016 my definition of T.R.U.S.T. will be:


Rely on God’s

Trust Acroymn 2016 cropped




Do you have a story to share about God’s Sovereign timing? Please share reply and share!


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