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A Reason to Smile

For Christmas, my beloved gave me gift certificate to a frou-frou women’s clothing store. My college age niece was thrilled when I invited her to go shopping with me.

 Our choice of clothing styles vary. I gravitate towards styles with a long shelf life. I’m a project of the 1980’s. Enough said.

With the aid of my niece, I selected several outfits. Next, we moved to my favorite part, the accessories! Oh the bling! We fingered the cascading necklaces, some fringed, others layered in beads. Red, blue, and silver oh my!

We both selected and compared our favorites. It was no surprise; I chose a practical cascading necklace that matched each outfit. However, my niece chose a cascading necklace with rhinestone turtle. She remarked,

“Because sometimes you need a reason to smile.”

Cheyenne was right. Sometimes all it takes is one simple item to remind us to forget our struggles and smile.

“I will forget my complaint; I will change my expression

and smile.” (Job 9:27, NIV)

What about you? Do you have an item that is your reason to smile?


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