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Beautiful Things

This morning I sat at the sewing machine working on a new project. A beautiful pattern emerging from the scraps of fabric. Fabric scraps on the table, in my lap, and on the floor. Mess of scraps. And so is my life sometimes…a mess of scraps.

I rise to pour another cup of coffee and watch the snow falling. The satellite radio station is playing the song Beautiful Things by Gungor. I put the coffee cup down and raise my hands in praise.

“You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things, out of the dust.

You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us. “

It has been a challenging week, my character attacked not once, but twice. And yet I praise. And with a joyful noise I sing “You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us!”

By divine intervention the next song that is played is Happy by Alysha Woods:

“No, I can not count the way you have made my life so blessed. All I know is that you (Jesus) came and made beauty of my mess!”

Beautiful things out of the dust…Beauty of my mess

God’s grace is a beautiful thing, God’s love is a beautiful thing,

Forgiveness is a BEAUTIFUL THING!

I am always amazed at God’s willingness to change my heart.

While my situation has not changed, God has changed my heart and traded

Ashes for beauty.

“Trade a crown of beauty instead of ashes, joy for mourning, praise for despair, planted by God to display His Glory!” -Isaiah 61:3


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