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God Himself Will Fight for You

Andrew and Rachel ran around the house looking for their snow gear yelling, “The snow is coming!”  Much to their surprise, they had outgrown their snowsuits. The next day Rachel and I made the trek to the sporting goods store to purchase new snow gear. While we were there Rachel asked “Mom can we go over to the punching bags?”

“Sure?” I replied, a little confused. 

Smack, smack, ugh, UGH were the sounds emanating from my ten-and-a-half year old daughter and the punching bag. Red faced and hair was flying, I released a belly laugh at the sight of my pink wearing, accessory loving, I-don’t-like-to-sweat daughter punching a stationary bag. “Mom, I need boxing gloves.” she grunts between punches. I stifle another laugh.

Do you ever feel like your in a battle with an invisible opponent?  Me too.

Shortly after our trip to the sporting goods store, I found this verse:

“Do not be afraid of them. The Lord your God himself will fight for you.” (Deuteronomy 3:22, NIV)

I’ve been grunting and throwing punches, fighting an invisible illness. All the while, exhausting myself. Last Friday, I shared how God is teaching me to “Cease Striving” but today I want to encourage you to lay down the boxing gloves, “The Lord your God Himself will fight for you.”

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This is your reminder to let God fight for you.


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