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Miracles of all Miracles

Do you believe (I mean deep down really believe) that God can do the impossible?

Today is the anniversary of my favorite day of the year (excluding Christmas and Easter of course). You are probably wondering why August 23, is so special? Today marks the one-year anniversary that God preformed THE Miracle of Miracles in my life! Only a select few know this story. But this morning I was praising, praying, and mediating on the implications of August 23rd. I felt God telling me to share this, but I said in my prayer time “God, most people won’t believe me.” Then in my spirit He says back to me, “April, you share what I did for you and let me handle the rest.”

So here goes…

August of last year my husband’s company went on strike. As a 19 year employee of this utility company, my beloved had been through all this before. We were as prepared as you can be. This was the first year our children were old enough to know what “going on strike” means. Regardless of your opinion: Pro-Company or Pro-Union, it was an excellent teaching opportunity for our kids. We used this strike as a springboard to teach our children to always stand up for what you believe, even if others are mocking you. We taught them that God is bigger than our current problems and bigger than the strike. (Can I get a Hallelujah?) We retold the story of David and Goliath. David, a small, young shepherd boy, looked at this almost 7 foot opponent and said “Yeah you’re big, but MY GOD IS BIGGER!” David, armed with only a few stones and a slingshot killed the giant. During the strike it was amazing to see God answer very, very, specific prayer requests. Some of my prayer requests were so specific and far-fetched, that only a BIG GOD could answer those prayers. And yet HE did!

The previous paragraph was what I shared in our family’s Christmas letter…encouraging but not specific. So perhaps you are asking what were those specific prayer requests? What was so far-fetched? Keep reading.

I write my prayers in a journal. I find this helps me to keep my thoughts focused. This also enables me to go back and reread my prayers and see all the ways God has answered those prayers or handled different situations. During the beginning of the strike my prayers were what you might expect…”Lord, please provide a quick resolution….Lord help with attitudes…bills… and for the strike to be over in time for the kids to start back to school.” Mainly my prayers were a whole lot of begging and pleading. I even went so far as to try to help God out, to give Him some ideas (as if he really needs my opinions).

Journal Entry 8/17/11 11pm.

Day 11 of strike. Today Lord, I’ve taken a new approach on praying for the strike. David didn’t say “Oh I’m scared look how big Goliath is….” Nope, he said “Look how BIG my GOD is!” Lord, I know you hold it all in the palm of your hand. Nothing…nothing…nothing happens without it first being filtered through your fingers. The earth is yours and the fullness thereof.

Your kingdom rules over all -Psalms 103:19

Lord, do not be silent, do not sit still- Psalms 83:1

Evening, morning, noon I cry out in distress and He hears my voice- Psalms 55:17

Cast my cares on the Lord – Psalms 55:22

But as for me, I trust in you- Psalms 55:24

I know my God is for me- Psalms 56:9

Call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you will honor me – Psalms 50:15

Be still and know that I am God – Psalms 46:10

I love you too!


After I changed my prayers from begging & pleading to praising & quoting scripture we began to see prayer after prayer being answered. Slowly emotions and attitudes improved. During the strike, we continued to tithe to church. As the strike continued it became increasingly tempting to keep the money. But we gave anyways, each time I prayed “Lord, I know you will provide, because we can not out give you.” And God did not let us down. Instead of receiving bills, we were mailed statements of credit of overpayment! This happened several times. God is so good!

The strike was declared over on 8/20/11. My husband was to report to work the day after the kids returned to school.Even the timing of when my husband returned was perfect. Normally, he doesn’t have the opportunity to see the kids at school on the first day. But since he was off, he was able to spend time with the kids. Again, another answered prayer!

But here is The Miracle of Miracles….

Remember when I said I was trying to help God out and give him some ideas. Well, on 3 different times (you can read my journal if you don’t believe me) I wrote in my prayer journal for God to provide a natural disaster. At first I said an earthquake, but then laughed at myself for even thinking that because, I don’t want anyone to be hurt and besides, we don’t have earthquakes in Va. Then I prayed for a small hurricane or a topical storm, again I don’t want anyone to get hurt. My thought was that if we had a natural disaster, then my husband would be forced to return to work.

Journal Entry 8/23/11 10:30pm

5.9 earthquake hits Virginia…no one is hurt! Lord, this is so BIG! Not because this was the largest recorded earthquake to hit Va since the 1800s…but because you answered my prayer! I am overcome with emotion right now. Why Lord? Why are you so good to me? I love you too! After all I do wrong..after where I’ve been, Lord, you love me so much to answer my far-fetched prayer of an earthquake! Lord, you are an amazing God! Nothing…nothing…nothing is too big for you! Lord, the Bible says that you will move mountains…and today that is just what you did—-literally. But I get to take this personally!

Lord, I know, that I know, that I know you make the earthquake

specifically for me as physical reminder that

“Yes, April I hear your prayers!

And this is what I can do because


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