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New Beginnings: A Writing Assignment in Faith

Today’s guest post is from mom, poet, writer, and friend Jennifer Grizzle. Jennifer possesses a unique gift to pen her passion of faith. Her life is

hard. Her pursuit of God is tenacious. Jennifer is real, raw, and full of grit and grace. A separation moved Jennifer and her two young boys to our area in early 2015. A few months after her move, her mother-in-law gave her a writing assignment to write two letters, the first to God, the second to for someone else. ~April

New Beginnings: A Writing Assignment in Faith 

By Jennifer Grizzle

Times were tough, the situation and circumstances our family had experienced were not anywhere close to where I thought we would be. The separation was harder on me than the kids at this point. Yet, despite what had happened to our family, something deep in my soul was saying ” It’s going to be OK!” This was our new beginning and it was a whirlwind. God was revealing things to us at a rapid pace, including to my, then 4 year old little boy. My faith was growing, I was reveling in the revelation, I could even see progress in myself.

My mother in law had called me one day and she had shared an assignment with me that she had done. She guided me gently over the next few months, pressing me into God’s arms. I will forever be eternally grateful to her for her encouragement. She was my Barnabas. I wrote down these five verses she gave me and I studied them. She told me that two letters would be derived from this assignment. The first would be a letter from God to me and the second would be one from God through me to someone else.

A letter from God

I grab my notebook and my pen And here I go again. Jotting down all the blessings in life I’ve received from him. I look up to the heavens And I ask the Lord “Oh why?” When I listened closely I could hear his reply. Because you are so faithful and You live your life for me. The blessings flow from me freely Like rain off leaves of trees. You are no longer trapped my child You are a woman of grace through faith. When you drop to your knees Your pride will be replaced Just know, my dear, I’m here for you You have no fleshly needs. Every time you feel stressed Just fall upon your knees. Raise your hands up to the sky Rejoice my holy name Please know you are my reborn child Through me there are no games. Through me there is no worry or doubt. Through me there’s only love. Through me, I Am, you’ll learn real quick Your Father from above.

The first letter was exactly what she said it would be and it was from him to me The first letter was just the start of the overflow. I was writing almost everyday. I love being challenged.  I love learning the Word. The second letter was written almost two months later. The second letter was for my husband.

A letter to my husband

I put my wedding rings back on today Smiled, knelt down and prayed. I asked God to come to you To guide you everyday. I know right now seems crazy But I know one thing is true, Through faith and repetitious prayer God gives everything to you. He gives you what your heart desires, He is our saving grace. He’ll never leave us nor forsake us Just take a leap of faith. So, lean not to your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge him. ‘Cause when you feel you are drowning God’s grace allows you to swim. He is the one to lean on, In your time of need. Cast all of your cares to him, Go out and sew a seed. He wants you to put him first Then life will be Divine. Remember the miracles he performs He turned water into wine. Last but not least he wants you to know Making mistakes is okay. That’s why he sent his only son to die To wash it all away.

I co

ntinue to be in awe of the awesomeness of God. How he calls the unqualified to be qualified.  Eternally grateful to him to even be given the opportunity to write for him is beyond my wildest expectations of his plan and purpose for my life. To know I am loved that much! To love that much!

~Jennifer Grizzle

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