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Before you begin reading this post, click on the link below to listen to

“Spirit Break Out” while you read.

This weekend I attended a Women of Faith Conference. I have already unpacked my clothes, but now I need to unpack the spiritual truths I learned. It is my heart that needs to be unpacked. Actually, my heart needs to break out!

In my pajamas I sipped coffee and began to rewrite the notes I jotted down from the conference. (Yes, I’m one of those people, the note-taking-with-different-colors-of-pens person.) Since the conference was held under low lights I couldn’t see the page and my handwriting was all over the place. With different colored pens, I rewrote my notes and scripture adding doodles and underlining words for emphasis.

I thought about what speaker Shelia Walsh said:

“My history does not dictate my destiny!”

Joshua, sold into slavery by his brothers, continued to follow the Lord even after a series of tragic events. God’s hand was upon him and led him to a place of position and prosperity. Decades later those same brothers returned, needing food and resources and this was Joshua’s response:

“God will redeem your story. Your best days are yet to come!”- Shelia Walsh

At the arena, we parked next to a mini-van with a bumper sticker that read:

Wag more

Bark less

Those words pierced my heart. I know I need to wag more, relax, be light hearted and carefree. I wish I could be more like my daughter Rachel who is such a free-spirit. Rachel glides through life as if on a cloud, gracefully moving from rainbow to rainbow. She doesn’t just stop to smell the roses, she photographs the roses, and sprinkles rose petals all over the house. (If I were to be honest, at times her free-spirit self-drives me crazy. She is never in hurry nor can ever find her hairbrush or shoes.) This is my child who takes a baton to Andrew’s soccer games. She is not interested in watching the game. She wants to twirl!

As I rewrote “His mercies are new every morning,” I pondered at the thought of God giving a fresh batch of mercy every morning, a fresh batch. I poured out yesterday’s coffee still in the pot and I filled the coffee pot with fresh water and fresh coffee grounds to brew. If I brew a fresh pot of coffee every morning, why would I dare think God is going to serve me leftover mercy every morning? I’ve decided that a fresh pot of hazelnut coffee tastes great with a fresh batch of new mercy!

While waiting for the coffee to percolate, I played a new song I heard at the conference, “Spirit Break Out” by Kim Walker-Smith. The lyrics “Can you hear it? The sound of heaven touching earth.” grabbed my attention. After sending my love and the kiddos out the door this morning, I listened to this song over and over. Again, here is the link for your listening pleasure:

Alone, I cranked up the stereo, and sang these lyrics to the top of my lungs (a joyful noise I assure you). Something broke out of my heart. What erupted was a girl who wanted to twirl! Still in my fleece sheep-printed pajamas and fuzzy socks, I glided across the hardwood floors. I danced! I glided into Rachel’s room and found her baton.

I danced!

I twirled!

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

(1 Thessalonians 5:11, ESV)

On this cold and rainy November day we’ve been given a fresh batch of mercy!

That’s reason enough to



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