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50 Shades of Grace: Part II

Friends, I can already see the beauty of Grace can’t you! Everyone’s story of grace is different but beautiful. Please don’t worry if some share more than others. Share what God lays on your heart. “The Lord does not look at things people look at…The Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 50 Shades of Grace: Part II 3. “Grace is that powerhouse move of God that sweeps down and picks me up, cleans me up, dresses me up, and stands me up…all after I’ve fallen flat on my face in the mud over my own two feet. Seems like God’s grace has defined my life. When I stop to think about the evidences of His grace to me, I’m always overwhelmed. That the Lord would rescue me out of my willful and dangerous youthful rebellion, and give me instead a heart for ministry at the age of 16, is a miracle of His grace. That the Lord would rescue me from my own selfish pride and the destructive force of my own flailing hands and wandering heart, and give me instead a heart of deep and abiding faithful love for my family, is a miracle of His grace. That the Lord would rescue me from my bitterness and stubborn anger when prayers didn’t get answered my way, and give me instead a spirit of unwavering faith to believe Him for the impossible and trust Him through the unbearable, is a miracle of His grace. That the Lord would keep on giving me another chance to live as though I’d never sinned, to love as though I’d never wronged, to serve as though I’d never messed up…these are the continuing miracles of His grace to me every day. I couldn’t bear the thought of waking up in the morning without God’s grace.” -Susan 4. “I am honored to be a child of God TOTALLY there by GRACE AND MERCY alone. I have said to Ruth and Randy many times, I could very well be at the bottom of this lake I love were it not by the grace of my Savior ALONE!! I physically cannot swim but if I jumped in I KNOW my God would swim for me for it is NOT in His plan for me to jump in SML!!! Now that is my short and sweet version! PRAISE GOD!” -Thea

5. Grace – Merriam-Webster Dictionary 1 a: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification b: a virtue coming from God 2 a: approval, favor b: mercy, pardon c: a special favor: privilege d: disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency e: a temporary exemption: reprieve

“When I moved out of state a little over a year ago, God impressed upon a certain lady to reach out to me. She did not know me, did not live in the closest vicinity – about 45 minutes, but she obeyed and called me to introduce herself to me and help me with recommendations to churches in the area. Through that, we found our home church here. This lady also asked me to lunch to get to know me, and knowing she was a business owner and very busy, I declined, thinking it was just a nice gesture, but not that she seriously would have time. A couple months later she reached out again, and I kind of politely held her off, still not sure if she was serious. In March, I finally accepted the invitation to lunch. What a delightful 2 hours of fellowship – a Privilege with this Godly woman. Her obedience demonstrated to me such kindness and courtesy to a new neighbor in the area. Her acceptance and genuine favor and approval for me lifted my spirits and breathed belief into me giving me direction I had been praying for. She told me at that lunch that God had been laying it on her heart to reach out to me, and that day was a turning point for me. You see I had a dream in my heart for years, but not the belief that I could actually do it and be the wife and mom God had called me to be, and God has used her in my life the last several months to breathe belief into me and encourage me to pursue that dream and see it come to fruition. I truly feel God showed me unmerited favor and assistancein so many ways, and one of the many ways He showed His grace to me was through His divine intervention of placing key people in my life. I can think of four others God also used in various ways over the last year to show His amazing grace. Thank you, God, Lynnea, April, Susan, Sandy, and Nicki!” – Amy

I would love to share your story of grace! Please email me at ~April

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